New generation digital banking platform for businesses and governments.

Digital banking Software-as-a-service

Regtech Software-as-a-service

  • Mobile and Web KYC Onboarding — allows businesses to onboard customers online in a simple and convenient way.
  • AML/CTF/PEP Screening — global watchlist screening tools help fintechs, banks and large enterprises achieve regulatory compliance.
  • Transaction Monitoring — an outstanding tool for ongoing AML compliance, suspicious activity detection, and fraud prevention.
  • Dynamic Biometric — operates with biometric data like face scan, voice, eye iris and fingerprints for verification and authentication purposes, for PSD2 compliance and to enhance the security of data.
  • RFID Chip Verification — mobile verification of biometric passports / RFID chips by phone’s NFC scanner feature brings enhanced user experience and KYC / AML compliance to businesses.
  • Credit Risk Scoring — automated credit risk scoring tool for banks and fintechs, powered with machine learning and pluggable mobile and web interfaces, allows businesses to make decisions on granting loans to clients, remotely.
  • Optherium KYC SDK / API — software development tools and application programming interface for identity and document verification, regulatory compliance and business automation.

Data Security Software-as-a-service



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